WordWhizzle Connect Answers

Yet another successful game is launched by Apprope, lead by the success of their other word game puzzles like WordWhizzle, WordBubbles, WordWhizzle Search and many more. WordWhizzle Connect is free to play and is available on Android and iOS. It features hundreds of normal puzzles as well as a selection of daily challenges to keep your brain refreshed and engaged, all illustrated by clean graphics. Solving a level requires to guess the hidden word and connect the letters by swiping on the screen and building the correct word. As you progress you will be awarded free hints which based on our experience are not nearly enough to pass harder levels.

If you are stuck and can't seem to figure out the answer for a level you can consult our WordWhizzle Connect Answers page where we have published the answers for all levels we have played and solved so far. Don't hesitate to get in touch if this still doesn't help you with the puzzle you are having trouble to solve.