Word Crossy January 13, 2018 Answer

Further below on this page you will find the answer to Word Crossy Daily Challenge January 13, 2018 Answers. Word Crossy, a combination of crossword and word search puzzle game is a great way to challenge your brain and keep it fresh by solving any of the 300+ regular levels and daily puzzle. It is free to play and it starts easy to get you on board, but soon you may find yourself trying hard to solve a puzzle. Even though there's no time pressure to solve a level, this may get frustrating and that's why we are publishing the answer to Word Crossy Daily Challenge of January 13, 2018 below.



Word Crossy

Word Crossy (formerly Word Mindy) is a free word search and crossword game that will challenge your skills. Connect the letters and build the right word that fills the crossword blank to solve a level. It has more than 300 levels that you can train your brain muscles and puzzle solving skills with. It will start easy but as you progress through more levels the game will get challenging even for the best players. The good thing is that there are no time limits for solving a puzzle.

If you ever find yourself stuck on a level visit our guide page Word Crossy Answers where we have published the answers to 300 levels that we have solved so far. Feel free to join the discussion on the comments section.