Review for WordWhizzle

Part of the same developers that brought to you the famous Wordbubbles, WordWhizzle is a theme based word puzzle game. It is one of those simple games, but that turn out to be a challenge to beat. It features over 700 different levels, all grouped under a specific theme and organised in such a manner so it can test you vocabulary and puzzle skills together with spelling (which let's be realistic, if it wasn't for auto-correct, all of us would just suck).

The way this game works is  just like any other word puzzle games. You swipe through the letters in all available directions in order for you to find the solution. The game is free of any timers, so you can take your time and relax while solving it.

Another important trick for WordWhizzle is the hints. Oh boy, sometimes those hints were needed so be careful on how you use them. You earn hints along the game (depending on how exceptional you are) and you can also buy those hints in the game store - out take is that those hints are freaking expensive for some reason keeping in mind that sometimes you just don't get it! (that's why you can find the WordWhizzle Answers here)

To conclude, the themes, game-play, extensive collection of easy and hard level together with the in-game hints makes WordWhizzle one great addition to the games perfect for a relaxing afternoon at home while sipping something. Just take your time, the game might seem hard in the very beginning, but nothing good is easy.  

Worst case scenario, if you get stuck at any level, check out our WhordWhizzle Answers at, because of course, we beat the game!


WordWhizzle is one of those innovative topic related word puzzle games. Developed by Apprope, the game spans over 700 levels themed to their own specifics. The way WhordWhizzle works is that the game provides you with a theme and to pass the level you must complete it with words related to that theme. As you can see it is not your average word puzzle related games because the ease that the theme provides is made up by the difficulty of the levels.

If you get stuck at any level, just check our WordWhizzle Answers as we (as you might have guessed) have beat the game.