Review for Wordalot

Wordalot is one of those really ingenious games that uses some of the oldest puzzle games in the book: the combination of picture and crosswords, just simplified and modernized. It features loads of really detailed picture, onto which you have to find the words that are in them. Developed by MAG Interactive(by the way, they are the same developers that developed Wordbrain and Wordbrain themes, the answers of each you can find at Wordbrain Answers and Wordbrain themes Answers), Wordalot promises countless hours of fun for all of you.

The way the game is played is closely related to how you would play a picture crossword, just the levels are in a small scale. You will be given a picture, which is highly detailed with elements and to pass the levels you must guess the words that are wonderfully set in a crossword. For every level, the game begins a little hard, and then because of the crosswords nature, it gets easier, due to the fact that most of the characters (around one or two per word) are already filled by the preceding word.

One simple issues that we identified was the way you would get the coins for hints (except buying them - of course) is really really sparse. Basically this makes the game so hard, unless you opt for buying one of the in-app purchase packages. The later are not that expensive, so if you really really want it, you can easily get it. On the other hand, you could also check out our Wordalot answers.

To conclude, Wordalot, is one of those games that we most definitely recommend to the highest extend. The combination of the word puzzles, with the picture, set out in a crossword makes it as much fun as challenging.

Definitely download it from the Appstore or the Playstore asap and enjoy yourself. At any given moment though, if you get stuck at any of the levels, you should check out our Wordalot answers.


Wordalot is a great puzzle hybrid combining todays word puzzles with one of the oldest forms of puzzles: the crossword. The purpose of the game is for you to figure out the words in the mini crossword as per the related picture posted. Developed by MAG Interactive, being the same developers that came up with Wordbrain and Wordbrain themes, promises countless hours of fun and dandy.

If you get stuck at any level, just check our Wordalot Answers as we (as you might have guessed) have beat the game.