Review for Word Cubes

Word Cubes is a one of the most famous and mostly downloaded word puzzle game developed by Best Word Game Studio both on Appstore and Playstore. This is a freemium game, which means that you can download it for free, but if you get stuck you have to pay for hints - exactly the same as all the other games in this genre. 

It features a futuristic design and a great user interface with a modern game play - even though some of the times, all the great looking effects, get in the way of actually playing the game (like loading from one level to another). Another comment, before we get into the great things of the game is the amount of advertising all around. I mean it's fine, but it gets a little too much sometimes.

On the positive note, the game is outstanding. The levels are amazing and the difficult at the same time. It starts from an easy level of three words and it extends to an immersive grid of 7x7 - which let us tell you - they are freaking hard! For this game there is no need to explain the game play because the concept is equal to the other word puzzles out there: just connect the right letters to form the proper word. 

To conclude, Word Cubes is a challenging game, somewhat overwhelmed with ads but at the same time great looking. We would definitely recommend it if you are a fan of word puzzles and trivias because you will most definitely have loads of fun with it. The beauty of this game though, is that we have already solved it. So if you get stuck at any moment, just check out our Word Cubes Answers.

Word Cubes

Word Cubes is a very popular word puzzle game developed by Best Word Game Studio. It spans over 600 levels of guessing the right word combination through swiping all the possible directions (including diagonally). Being a word puzzle game, it's difficulty increases once the levels pass (all 30 of them) and the puzzle board increases from 2x2 to 7x7, so as you might have guessed, you are up for a challenge.

If you get stuck at any level, just check our Word Cubes Answers as we (as you might have guessed) have beat the game.