Review for Word Cookies

Word Cookies is a new anagram style word puzzle game from the team at BitMango. In Word Cookies you must uncover words based on the letters provided to you. Each level has you guessing multiple words of differing lengths and to guess them, you must swipe your finger along the letters provided in the correct order to form a word. There are over 580 levels at your disposal, each getting harder and harder. In the earlier stages you’ll only need to guess words of 2 to 3 letters in length, but as you get to the later stages, you’ll be up against words consisting of up to 7 letters. Word Cookies is a true challenge and will test even those of us who have the best vocabulary.

To help out with guessing the correct words, you can purchase hints with coins. Coins are earned by completing packages. But don’t be too hasty to use all of your coins at once. Take it slow, as each hint is worth 1 letter.

What’s really cute about Word Cookies is as you complete a level, you gain points that go toward your chef level. As you complete each package, your chef level goes up which is portrayed by a chef’s hat growing in size and style.

Word Cookies is a great game to test out how well you know your vocabulary and can be used as a vital tool to help expand your knowledge of the English language. With over 1 million downloads on the GooglePlay store alone, you can’t go wrong. Download Word Cookies today!

Word Cookies

Word Cookies is a word puzzle game developed by BitMango - the same developer that brought you a lot of other very similar games. Word Cookies, while being a pretty interesting game that focuses on your ability to guess all the possible words in the stove, it is almost the same as another game - Letter Soup Cafe. The concept, of fishing words, from all the different sides (left, right, up, down, backwards and any way possible) makes such a cool and interesting game.

If you get stuck at any level, just check our Word Cookies answers as we (as you might have guessed) have beat the game.

The developers had changed some of the levels and for that reason the answers were wrong on our site. We have updated them accordingly and now everything should be fine!