Review for Letter Soup Cafe

Letter Soup Cafe is one of the many word puzzle games out there focused into guessing the right combination of letters but with a twist. The letters are in a soup where  the letters can be chosen and connected in whichever way you want. This makes this game so much more fun. The game is developed by Candywriter LLC and is one of the best games out there in terms of fun and interesting combinations.

The way this game works is based onto the simple word puzzle games concept. You have to guess the right word based on a combination of letters provided to you. The trick here is that all the combinations are not in a huge grid, but mostly in a plate of soup (thus the name Letter Soup Cafe). They can be connected at any preference and the game, unlike the others, focused into providing as many combinations of words possible per the limited amount of letters. 

The game features a hint system, which are provided along the way (as star words) that can help you into figuring out the word. Use them sparsely. They are not that hard to be collected, but they are worth just a letter. 

On the difficulty side - let us warn you - this game will test your vocabulary unlike you have ever been tested before - watch out the 3 letter words - those are just a royal pain. It is featured in UK or US English, and we selected the US English to play. 

To conclude, Letter Soup Cafe is such a fun game to be played, impressive design and awesome game play. Definitely download it from the Appstore or the Playstore ASAP and enjoy yourself. At any given moment though, if you get stuck at any of the levels, you should check out our Letter Soup Cafe Answers.

Letter Soup Cafe

Letter Soup Cafe is a word puzzle game developed by Candywriter LLC. The concept of the game revolves around alphabet soups (as you might have had as a kid) concept where you have to connect the letters in any way necessary to guess the word. The game looks awfully easy to begin with bit it extends into some really complicated words. It is a fun and relaxing game with an amazing soundtrack and concept. Each level features a simple and original dining table from specific cultures.

If you get stuck at any level, just check our Letter Soup Cafe Answers as we (as you might have guessed) have beat the game.