Review for Letter Peak

There are a good number of word puzzle games out there on the app stores, and most of them are quite amusing. Letter Peak – Word Search Up by SMART UP INC however, is one of the more sophisticated games on the market. And it’s completely free!

In Letter Peak – Word Search Up, you’ll be tasked with creating words anagram style. A number of letters are provided to you in each level and you need to use those letters to create words. Depending on what difficulty level you are playing, you’ll be creating words from anywhere between 2 and 7 letters in length.

The game introduces you to its concept very nicely and anyone will find the early difficulty levels to be quite doable. Later levels will be the ones to truly test your vocabulary skills by having you guess some tricksy 7 letter words.

If you find anagrams a bit difficult to wrap your head around, you can use hints that reveal the first letter of a word. These hints are accumulated for free as you clear each section and difficulty level, but they can also be gained from in-app purchases.

Letter Peak – Word Search Up has a very minimalistic and smooth layout which makes it even more of a pleasure to pick up and play at any time.

This game is perfect to help grow a child’s vocabulary and is also a great tool to help expand adults’ knowledge of the English language. Being a free game, you’d be missing out if you didn’t download it!

Letter Peak

Letter Peak is another puzzle game created by Smart Up Inc. where you have to guess the words that can be formed by the given letters. It's similar to the classic word crush but with a twist, you have to swipe the finger over the letters to form words but this time they can be Anagrams, Singular or Plural forms of the same word or even abbreviations.
That makes the game a bit more difficult than it would normally be but also more challenging.

Either way, if you get stuck in any level you can always check our Letter Peak Answers as we have solved the game and have all the answers listed on our page.