Review for Guess the Idiom

Guess the Idiom is a trivia game developed by Random Logic Games, LLC (basically the same developers that brought us Guess the GIF, a game with a trivia concept but with an amazing execution - by the way, you can check out our Guess the GIF review and Guess the GIF Answers reviewed and solved by us).

Focusing on the same logic as most of other trivia games, it provides a picture with a concept related to a popular idiom and you have to guess that idiom for passing the test. While the concept stays the same, practically it is just a trivia game, the content in the game, which switches it up from the standard word guessing, is upgraded into guessing an idiom - the later makes us say that this game is fun and awesome.  A great example of how this game is played is one of the most standard levels. You will get a picture with an eagle looking through a binocular and three words to fill - the idiom related to this picture is Eagle Eye View. 

On the difficulty note - the game is challenging to say the least. Knowledge of idioms is something that most of the non-native speakers are lacking, so you have to keep that in mind when you go for this game. 

To conclude, no matter how difficult it is and no matter how many linguistic requirements it has, Guess the Idiom is a wonderful and fun game to play. We would recommend to  download it, and if you get stuck - we have already solved the game for you - so just check our Guess the Idiom Answers to ease your pain

Guess the Idiom

Guess the Idiom is a trivia game from the same developers that have brought us Guess the GIF, Random Logic Games, LLC. By the same concept as Guess the GIF, Guess the Idiom focused on providing images that relate to different and popular idioms of the English Language. Considering the broad and extensive nature of the idioms, Guess the Idiom focused on the ones that are the most fun and at the same time, with a tasty bit of challenge involved. It features original drawing that range from being quirky and funny to drop dead challenging.

If you get stuck at any level and you are "in a pickle", just check our Guess the Idiom Answers as we (as you might have guessed) have beat the game.