Review for Guess the GIF

It is safe to say from the very beginning that Guess the GIF is one awesome and innovative game and that all of you should download it. It is developed by Random Logic Games, LLC  (or Conversion LLC stated differently on the AppStore) and these are the same developers that brought to us Guess the Word and Guess the Emoji games. As you might see, its is most definitely a safe bet that these guys know that they are doing. 

The logic of this game is focused on providing a player with a GIF for every single layer (which we have to say - those GIFs are masterfully done and awesomely executed) which you would have to guess what it is about. Some of the GIF are related to specific actions, some to well known trivia and some other to celebrities (HINT: There is a Donald Trump level).  The game features multiple levels that will never end - but at the same time is relaxing and does not require a lot of commitment considering that you can take your time into solving the levels as there is no timer involved. 

A perfect example of this game and how this game is played is the level with the Donald Trump answer. The GIF in question is a guy, with slick back hair, behind the table shouting you are fired - and of course the answer of this levels is Donald Trump. See how much fun is this game?

To conclude, Guess the GIF is just plain old awesome. It is one of those games with a quirky sense of humour and that makes you think together with a lot of entertaining involved. Definitely download it, and worse of all, if you get stuck - we have already solved the game for you - so just check our Guess the GIF answers when you are stuck.

Guess the GIF

Guess the GIF is an obsessive and quite original game focused into guessing the meaning of the displayed GIF. It is an awesome trivia game developed by Random Logic Games, LLC and in it's genre, is one of the top games (based onto ratings from the users). It focuses on your understanding of a specific action or a specific person based into trivia related elements. Most of the levels in Guess the GIF are general knowledge and we considered it fun rather than challenging (but let's be clear: it has a lot of challenging going on).

If you get stuck at any level, just check our Guess the GIF Answers as we (as you might have guessed) have beat the game.