Review for 2 Clues

A game that will challenge your intelligence…!

Developed by Jeux de Mots, 2 Clues is one of the most popular and fun game of iOS/Android.
The game is pretty simple and easy to play with. As a player, you have given 2 pictures and each picture will include a clue. It can be anything like a noun, an adjective, a verb or even an emotion. You have to identify the clue and guess the answer.

The game has different levels, and each level is more challenging and exciting than the previous one. To help players out, the 2 clues game also includes some cheats. One can use it when he/she is not able to guess the word. It also offers in-app purchases, so don’t worry if you have used all your cheats. It also includes some stunning features and amazing graphics that make the game more fascinating.

It features different languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, French and many more. It is a complete fun pack for people of all age groups.

Since the app is free, you can expect some annoying ads in the middle of the game. The ads will include some banners, videos and pop ups.

To conclude, 2 clues: Words and Syllabus is a challenging and excellent game that influence one to make mistakes, brainstorm and then arrive at a correct answer. It is available at the playstore and appstore for free. 

2 Clues: Words and Syllables

2 Clues is one of the most famous Android/iOS Games created by Jeux de Mots.
The concept of the game is pretty simple, you are given 2 pictures and each picture means something: an emotion, a verb, an adjective or a noun. It is up to you to find the answer! Some clues are simple and some are more difficult. If you like word games or puzzle game, this word game is for you!

If you get stuck at any level, just check our 2 Clues: Words and Syllables Answers as we have solved the game and have all the answers ready for you.